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Meet the artisans of Rome

Bookbinder, Cartonnage Legatoria dell’Orso

Ancient traditions are alive and well in Rome — from a parfumier and a bookbinder to a leather worker and a mosaic artist, these six artisans will make you want to reach for your wallet

I’m from the north, Lake Iseo, but came here 30 years ago.

My first memory of Rome was thinking that you really breathed the air here — the beauty of Italy. It was magical. Now, it’s not what it was, and we’ve lost traditions, but the beauty remains.

I’m not sure I’m an artisan… I just do simple things, covering notebooks and albums, and making boxes. I opened this shop 20 years ago — I feel like I’ve spent my life here.

Everything’s made to measure. You come in, choose a product and a paper, and I cover it. Prices start from around €10. I’ve got about 700 different kinds of papers to choose from — some printed, some handmade, some marbled. 

I don’t make the paper myself, but I create the objects. You choose what you want: the paper, the ribbon, the binding and the elastic. And I can do it on the spot. Boxes usually take about a day, but a notebook I can do in about 45 minutes.

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